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Wesley Chapel Spine & Sports Medicine, Hillsborough and Pasco Counties, fl

Radio-Frequency Ablation

Radio-Frequency Ablation

Before you consider back surgery or dangerous pain medications come to Wesley Chapel Spine and Sports Medicine for expert, quality treatment, and care, where we exhaust every conservative, non-surgical treatment first.

Radio-frequency Ablation (RFA)

Radio-frequency Ablation is a common non-surgical procedure used to successfully treat those suffering from chronic back pain, neck pain, muscle pain, or other issues through the utilization of precise Fluoroscopic guidance, the Board Certified Physician inserts a thin needle through the skin and into the affected nerve. High-frequency electrical energy delivered through this needle heats up and destroys a small area of nerve tissue, thereby decreasing pain signals from the affected area. Some common advantages of having RFA performed are high success rate, same-day procedure, short recovery, and pain relief for up to 18 months.

At Wesley Chapel Spine and Sports Medicine we believe in whole-body treatments, supplying evidence-based proven solutions and treatment plans that address all aspects of your body in a comprehensive approach that deals not only with the symptoms but also with their causes. We have brought together Board Certified Physicians and staff from varying fields and backgrounds to create a team that is well suited to thinking outside of the box. This mindset puts us in a unique position to better help patients get to the root of any problem they might be experiencing.

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Wesley Chapel Spine & Sports Medicine, Hillsborough and Pasco Counties, fl


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