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Peripheral Joint Injections

Peripheral Joint Injections

The joints in the body can all be affected by deterioration, arthritis, and inflammation, causing pain, limited mobility, and decreased functional capacity. The peripheral joints include the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hips, knees, and ankles. When inflammation affects these peripheral joints, the pain can be disabling. Our pain specialists at Wesley Chapel Spine and Sports Medicine offer effective treatment plans to reduce pain, increase mobility, and improve the quality of life for patients with peripheral joint pain, including Peripheral Joint Injections.

Whenever there is injury or deterioration of a joint, there can be inflammation, friction, or cartilage damage that causes pain. Joint injections are non-surgical procedures that apply a solution of a local anesthetic and long-lasting steroid directly to damaged joint tissue. The anesthetic numbs the joint for immediate relief during the procedure. The steroid takes a few days to relieve inflammation and offer relief, but the pain can be diminished for several weeks or a few months. This can provide you with the relief you need to improve your range of motion and participate in physical therapy exercises that were too difficult for you before.

These injections are guided utilizing precision-guided Fluoroscopy to ensure the medications are injected into exactly the right location. Most joint injections can be repeated every few months to sustain pain relief. Peripheral joint injections can be combined with other therapies and treatment modalities that we use as part of a multidisciplinary approach to chronic joint pain at Wesley Chapel Spine and Sports Medicine.

If you have chronic joint pain and want to explore options for relief without invasive surgery or narcotics, contact Wesley Chapel Spine and Sports Medicine today to schedule a consultation.

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Wesley Chapel Spine & Sports Medicine, Hillsborough and Pasco Counties, fl


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